First Year Group Design Project


This project involved designing a structure to span a site on campus. We chose to split our span into a cantilever and beam.



The original idea took precedents from a folding camping stool, combining the beam and cantilever into one entire folding structure. But this was subject to torsion and instability.


The structure then became a separate beam and cantilever, with the cantilever sitting on top of the beam and being weighted at one end.

From there we altered the distribution of the perforations on the structure to reflect the distribution on shear, and adopted a method of lasercutting and folding cardboard sections to form the structure.


Then (like the nerd I am) I continued to refine the structure once the project had finished.

1 Layout1 (1)21


Archi-doodle Work

Some stuff from my Archi-doodle book-


Antony Gormley inspired bridge design, would probably never be a safe structure but oh well the idea’s there.


New design for a roof for the Sydney Opera House, using the shape of the Ayers rock as inspiration.


My design for a “Pet Architecture” page, Gehry’s dancing house with a dancing shoe to go with it.


A stadium design for a soap box racing track.

Some other ideas.